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Feels Like West Virginia

Today was interesting. I went up to a coworker friend's house to watch Dr. Who and on the way there I listened to a mixed CD made as a gift by my 12th grade AP English teacher, a CD he called "Songs That Tell Stories". It's a lot of folk and protest music. I like it, and I've listened to it so much that more than one song doesn't fully play on it.
Well, we watched some Dr. Who and Torchwood, and dusk fell and it was time for me to go home. Some of the episodes reminded me of my brief forays into non-Christian animistic beliefs, and so when I stepped outside, the air felt colder and there was something mystical to it. I do believe in an energy-spirit that surrounds us. My coworker happens to live in suburbia outside the city, and I live right at the city limits, so she's out there and nature is felt more readily.
I had to stop at a gas station on the way back because I was running on empty, and I decided to pop in for a bite too. It occured to me that when I was very young, there was a test to see if your child was developing properly emotionally and all. Two of the questions were 1) What do you do when you are hungry? and 2) What do you do when you are tired? The correct responses are you eat and you sleep. My responses were you go to a restaurant and a hotel. Inside the gas station I was reminded of 2009 when I took lengthy road trips with coworkers in Alabama. We'd wind up anywhere, and once we wound up in West Virginia; the road is my home. I think maybe it always will be. I cannot imagine a stationary life, and to be sure, however I was raised did not equip me to live in normal society. Theatrical historical reenactments, maybe. Kindness to everyone, sure. Life as it is does not often make a lot of sense. The road is my home. A guy walked into the Quiktrip. He was wearing a shirt with the state of Kentucky on it. He was attractive, and I did stare for a moment at his shirt. I really wanted to ask what part of Kentucky- it's a lovely state- but didn't.
A deep-rooted part of me wants to be in nature again. It ameliorates life. It's as though it takes all the toxin out of life. I think maybe I will tomorrow too, it's a Sunday and it's the closest I feel to God. No idea where though. A part of me just wants to drive- which is where my car got its name- "Solace". I used to drive to clear my head in college, particularly in 2007 which was a rough year. I need that again.
I feel like eventually I am meant to end up in Virginia again. It was "home" if any place can be that. Not any time soon, probably, but at some point.
Then also I was listening to the CD on the way home and remembering a guy from AP English. He was only a friend, but he had been a friend since we were 10. He lives in Vancouver, Canada now. I admire him, still. None of the men I have liked have been good, honorable men like him. True, he's done his share of less than noteworthy things, but I guess I admire him for our common upbringing. I wish I could explain it, I really do.