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jewelry making and karaoke

last night i went to karaoke with some coworkers. it was a lot of fun. the two girls i hang out with a lot. the guy who came is cute and nice but i was determined to not be STUPID. so i resolved to not care how i looked or even how i sang. and that worked out ok, because i had more fun that way.
today i am going to a jewelry making class. it's an old hobby i'm out of practice on, and today we'll use a blow torch, so i'll definitely learn *new* skills. it starts at ten. i have been up since 5. i feel like a kid on christmas. happily anxious.
i also accidentally rsvp'd for a lake/hike/get together tomorrow morning in kennesaw. i was going to change my response to 'no' but i'm thinking maybe i'll go. i want to be up that way anyway tomorrow in lieu of church. this pantheist philosophy is so far much more rewarding than the rigid rules and confines of christianity. LOVE. is pure.
there was more but i forget.
-the lenses from the other night were corrected for astigmatism, and from past experience i get migraines when they are, so my head has hurt the last few days. i got them fixed last night :)
-i am thinking i might move to kennesaw and take some non-degree seeking classes at my alma mater, gis classes my advisor suggested i take but i didn't and now regret that, if for no other reason than that they are my passion. seems like a good reason.

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